Lake Jennie Improvement Association is a 501C-3 nonprofit organization. We are working to influence, assist and educate stakeholders on any possible discussion, decisions, issues, concerns and conditions that may affect or pertain to properties along Lake Jennie (of Meeker County, Minnesota) or the community and properties surrounding the lake proper. We also coordinate efforts designed to stabilize and improve 1) lake quality and the immediate surrounding environment, and 2) the recreational experience for those using the lake.

As a Board, we hold meetings to determine priority projects that would best serve the lake.  Grant writing and applications are a big part of our responsibility.  Water quality testing and lake clean up are tasks that board members take care of year round.   We recruit and track members, host the annual membership picnic every June, and coordinate fundraising.  

What We've Achieved

  • We achieved the 501C-3 status in June 2014, making all donations tax deductible.
  • We worked with Wenck Associates on a vegetation survey, showing us the extent of our curly leaf, along with a list of possible solutions, of which one was implemented in the south bay in Spring 2015 with noticeable success. 
  • We completed the extensive Lake Management Plan in the fall of 2014, opening the doors for the possibility of more grants.